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Why Healthier SG?

Free First Consultation

Upon enrollment of Healthier SG with bWell Medical & Physio, schedule and enjoy a free first consultation with us!

Access Subsidized Chronic Tier Drugs

From early 2024*, patients enrolled into Healthier SG can opt in for the Healthier SG Chronic Tier Drugs subsidies, allowing them to enjoy chronic medications at prices similar to polyclinics.

*Currently estimated to be February 2024.

Earn 3,000 Healthpoints

Earn 3,000 Healthpoints or $20 worth in vouchers upon completion of the first consultation.

Usage of Medisave as Co-Payment

Be able to make payment for your treatment of chronic conditions through Medisave without any requirements.

Free Recommended Health Screenings & Vaccinations

Get fully subsidized* nationally recommended screenings and vaccinations.

*Subject to existing eligibility criteria and guidelines of Screen-For-Life and National Adult Immunisation Schedule

Personalized Health Management

With us as your dedicated health-service provider, get access to personalized health plans and profile catered to your conditions.

  • What is the difference between the Pioneer/Merdeka Generation card and the CHAS card?
    CHAS provides subsidies for visits at participating GP and dental clinics. All Singapore Citizens who apply will receive CHAS cards, with subsidies tiered according to household monthly income per person or annual value of the home. CHAS cards are typically valid for two years. With the card, cardholders can get subsidies at CHAS clinics. On the other hand, every Pioneer and Merdeka Generation senior, regardless of income or housing type, has a Pioneer Generation (PG) / Merdeka Generation (MG) card. The PG and MG cards are valid for life. With the PG and MG card, Pioneers and Merdeka Generation senior can receive special subsidies at CHAS clinics.
  • Do I need to show my CHAS card at the clinic to receive subsidies?
    To receive subsidies for your treatment at the CHAS clinic, you will need to produce your valid physical or digital CHAS, Merdeka Generation (MG) or Pioneer Generation (PG) card together with your identification document (e.g. NRIC/Student ID) during the visit. We also encourage clinics to check with their patients on their CHAS/MG/PG/Public Assistance status at the point of registration. CHAS cardholders below 15 years old will have to present their valid CHAS card with student ID or birth certificate.
  • Can I also use MediSave to help pay for my bill after deducting the CHAS subsidies?
    MediSave can be used to co-pay the remaining bill after deducting the CHAS subsidies. After deducting the CHAS subsidies, you will need to co-pay 15% of the remaining bill in cash, while the rest can be claimed from MediSave. Example of a complex chronic visit for a blue CHAS cardholder with the usage of MediSave:
  • Can I visit a CHAS General Practitioner (GP) to seek treatment for my chronic and common illnesses simultaneously?
    Yes, you can seek treatment for multiple conditions simultaneously. However, only one CHAS claim can be made for each visit, for the primary purpose of the visit. For example, if your primary purpose is to follow up on your hypertension treatment but at the same time seek treatment for flu, you would only be able to make one chronic claim (covering both hypertension and flu).
  • Can I use my CHAS card for nationally-recommended vaccinations at the clinic?
    The Vaccination and Childhood Development Screening Subsidies (VCDSS) allow Singapore Citizens to receive subsidies for nationally-recommended vaccinations at CHAS GP clinics if they meet the recommended criteria for the vaccinations. Eligible Singaporeans need only pay the following amounts for the range of nationally recommended vaccinations at CHAS GP clinics, after government subsidies: • Eligible Singaporean children: $0 • Eligible Pioneer Generation cardholders: capped at $9 to $16 per vaccination dose • Eligible Merdeka Generation, CHAS Blue and Orange cardholders: capped at $18 to $31 per vaccination dose • Other eligible adult Singaporeans: capped at $35 to $63 per vaccination dose Please visit the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) website here for more information on the VCDSS.
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