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Health Screening


Health Screening Packages

Health screening is a process of testing for potential health issues before any symptoms appear.


It can help identify health problems early, which can increase the chances of successful treatment and improve health outcomes.


Regular health screening can also promote preventative health measures, and ultimately lead to a longer and healthier life.

With our wide range of health-screening packages and add-ons, be rest assured that your tests are properly covered and examined to ensure the longevity and quality of your health.

Fast and Effective Process

While Health-Screening may consist of a long-check list of examinations to be covered, over at bWell Medical & Physio we value your time amidst your busy schedule.

Select your preferred Health Screening Package

Book An Appointment

Come at your scheduled appointment time-slot.

Decide amongst the options the health-screening package that best suit your needs.

Choose the preferred time-slot that you're able to make it down to our clinic to perform the tests.

Eliminate the need to wait and queue for your turn, come down at the time slot of your choice and complete the health-screening fast and efficiently within 40 minutes.

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